Shenzhen YIQI International Express Co., Ltd.  English Edition


Shenzhen Yi International Day Day Express Ltd (17 express, 17TRANSIT logistics) is a professional international express import and export logistics enterprises, People's Republic of China group engaged in: shipping, land carriage and air international freight forwarders; customs; domestic and foreign trade import and export business; service industry.
Chinese registration number: 440306117821834,
Chinese Unified Social Credit Code: 91440300MA5DN27K7U
Shenzhen YIQI international express company is located in Shenzhen Chinese multinational freight transport service providers, we cross borders and oceans and rivers border restrictions, for customers around the world to provide transportation to the global air parcel, express, shipping, packaging, warehousing, customs clearance, delivery service. The fastest 4-7 days to reach the world.
Major service areas in the world:
The United States. China (including Hongkong, Taiwan, Macao), Japan, Germany, France, England, Brazil, India, Russia, Italy, Canada, Australia, Spain
Korea, Indonesia, Turkey, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Argentina, Sweden, Iran, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Thailand, South Africa, South Africa
Austria, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Malaysia, Denmark, Nigeria, Chile, Singapore, Egypt, Israel, Philippines, Finland, Pakistan
Greece, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Peru, Portugal, Ireland, Ukraine
Service coverage is available:
Asia (48 countries), Europe (44 countries, /2 regions), Africa (53 countries, /3 regions), Oceania (14 countries, /10 regions)
North America (23 countries, /13 regions), South America (12 countries, /1 regions)
China express to 225 countries around the world international express business (not limited to the name of goods, unlimited weight, no country limit, no import and export qualification)
You only need to express the overseas recipient information to the world, you can on our website or contact customer service online business personnel to obtain their delivery address, whether in China mainland electricity supplier shopping, or factory shipped to overseas, using your 17TRANSIT email address as a shipping address. To help you transport to the world and operate for 4-7 days worldwide. (acceptable for general trade declarations, cross-border FBA items, etc.)
A. city customers: customers contact our company customer service confirmation address, quotation, etc., customers can request our company to pick up parts, take the post to express to the world
B. domestic customer: our company provides domestic transport warehouse, only need to send the product to our company's transshipment warehouse, you can transfer to the whole world
C. overseas customers: overseas customers place orders on the Internet, we transfer the warehouse as the receiving address, and we will transfer the goods to overseas destinations provided by our overseas customers.
1., China (HK) to global cross-border express logistics and transportation services (including Hongkong - China, Taiwan - China)
2., support global door-to-door to China (HK) business, can accept warehousing parts, customs declaration, personal express and other business.
We can provide contact information:
Straight cell phone: +86-13310833190 (WeChat with cell phone number, you can always consult)
Landline phone: +86-0755-36963390
Online QQ:1171700088
WhatAPP:+86-13310833190 (applicable to overseas customers)
E-mail: (send data, 24 hours online reply) recommended!
Company website:
Company address: Shenzhen City, Baoan District Fuyong town Chinese ten Wai Road bodi Science Park
Shenzhen warehouse: No. three, Lane 1-4, Tian Tian District, Fuyong Town, Baoan District, Guangdong, Shenzhen, China
Taiwan District, Taichung City warehouse: the revitalization of the road No. 158
Address: Hongkong Wan Tsuen Wan Heng Long Street 14-22 Texaco Industrial Centre Block B 9 floor (W041)
Address: Hongkong Kwai Chung pier bulk warehouse gate Kwai Chung left chesty straight into the parking lot on the left (tail two warehouse)
Yuen Long address: section 1543rd, Kam Wan Road, Yuen Long, Hongkong, measuring over 1547th sections and lots of section 106th, section B, and section -16100499